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We believe success is created one client at a time. We strive to obtain 100% satisfaction for each and every one of our clients. We provide honest, quality service. The best compliment we can receive is a referral to your family or friends. 

What people have to say about us

John's enthusiasm towards eXp Realty is infectious. He was the Major reason I left my previous brokerage to come to eXp. His extensive Real Estate experience and knowledge and mentoring made it an easy decision for me. I've never met a more dedicated and dynamic real estate company.

Lucianne Henry

I have known John for over 20 plus years when we both worked for a different company. He was a dynamic realtor. Knowledgeable, personable and great with his clients. Time passed and he moved to eXp. I watched. Not personally ready to move I waited. Then the time came I decided I liked the company model and I trusted John. I said tell me more about eXp. John did and I felt confident in joining. With John as my sponsor and mentor. Guiding me and assuring me it was a great move I haven’t looked back. Thanks John for your continued support and friendship. I am having the best time of my life both financially and with a great company that is changing the industry

Julie Wilson

I came across eXp years ago before it even came to Canada. I didn’t know anything about it - except that it was cloud based, and no physical office. Fast forward to 2019, a few of my colleagues joined eXp, started asking around, until I was connected with John. It took half a year before I finally joined. I needed to be at a brokerage where technology was advanced, and KVCore seemed to be a very good fit. At that time, I didn’t even know about the stocks and revenue share! Well those are definite bonuses! Thank you John, for always encouraging me to build my rev share!

Emily Ching

eXp Realty is a truly innovative company and the culture they have developed is rewarding, both personally and financially. Although it can feel overwhelming at first - it is fun and flexible with lots of support and training in an online environment. The brokers, other agents, support staff and resources keep us on top of all the changes in the business and moving forward with competence and confidence.   

June Simmons

Hello John Humphreys, thank you for introducing me to eXp Realty & the business model. It truly is the best model for real estate. An agent can have multiple income streams & a retirement plan & more. I highly recommend eXp Realty for any agent or team to join.  

Brian Metzger

I came across a mention of eXp Realty on Inman News in 2018, emailed them in the US and was told no plans to open in Nova Scotia yet. After decades as a Broker of Record, I was looking to slow down and just sell a bit of real estate. eXp made so much sense to me. Months later I got a call from John, his enthusiasm is infectious, his salesmanship is exceptional, eXp is coming to Nova Scotia & after talking for more than an hour I was applying to be the Broker! So much for slowing down, eXp Realty has changed my life! Thank you John, for showing me the way to incredible financial freedom and a family of truly amazing, highly motivated people!

Sandy McDonald

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